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Many participants express similar excitement. You will often hear Angie say, "I'd quit practicing Dental Hygiene without my laser." Angie also offers an in–office program for the entire staff, which builds the excitement that lasers can bring to patients and professionals.

Dr. Jim Caudill


"Just wanted to let you know that we are still utilizing our lasers almost daily in our practice. We are seeing great results and the patients have been amazed with what the lasers are doing. Thank you again for introducing us to this awesome technology." Celenia and staff, Dr. Jim Caudill's, Hazard, KY

Beth Krueger


"We were so pleased that you could present at the DHASNY Empire Conference. A very enthusiastic audience in regard to your presentation" Beth Krueger, executive director for DHASNY, Syracuse, NY

Dr Trimboli


"Course & Consultation were beyond my expectations. If there was # higher than excellent [on evaluation form] Angie would have it!!" " I was impressed with Angie's passion for the laser" - Dr Trimboli, New York

Becky Ellis, RDH


"Angie Mott offers a course in laser therapy for periodontal disease that is very informative and educational. She conducts herself in a professional and knowledgeable manner that helps individuals to learn and absorb the material in a way that is fun !

She is witty and answers questions that help those taking her course to learn well. I would recommend her course any time to anyone interested in lasers. In fact, she has come to our office twice!" - Becky Ellis, RDH  Arkansas

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