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Program Overview

The goals of Angie's program include:


  • Understanding the nature of laser physics and safety

  • Discussing the uses for lasers in dentistry and dental hygiene

  • Discussing case studies demonstrating the uses of lasers

  • Recognizing laser care, delivery, and set–up

  • Discussing a typical laser appointment and fee scheduling

  • Recognizing key words and phrases to use with patients and other stakeholders involved in laser dentistry

  • Participating in a mock exam to prepare participants for the online Standard Proficiency Exam of the Academy of Laser Dentistry

Service Summary

Angie's program is in PowerPoint that is  supplemented by a guide which participants can use to study for the standard proficiency exam. The exam is both an online 75 multiple–choice exam and a simulated clinical exam.


Immediately following submission of the post-test for all courses, tests are scored and successful participants are immediately provided a CE certificate.  A minimum test score of 75% is required for successful completion of all courses.

Continuing Education

Angie is available to speak at Dental meetings as well as provide in-office Laser Certification courses which are available to all Dental Hygienists. The rest of the team may attend and receive credit towards Introduction to Lasers.


You can also contact Angie for a listing of upcoming continuing education offerings. If you have specific questions about the continuing education requirements in your state, or to find out if specific courses will be accepted, please consult your state dental board - CE Requirements by State for more details.

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